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“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.”


This goes out to Patty, Jason, and Damon.  *Sigh* more than likely you will never read this or you might just glance at it and just move on but at least I will finally say this, Well, type this whatever tickles Your peach. One day I was scrolling through instagram and this really cute boy with really big poofy blonde hair pops up. I think to myself, “Wow he’s cute. Veeoneeye? what’s a veeoneeye? ” and so I go to Your ig and find out Your name is Jason and so on and so forth. I learn that you are a youtuber so I search you on YouTube and to my surprise you’re not just incredibly adorable, but you are amazingly funny. As I am watching Your videos I discovered this very attractive guy named Patty. Patty, you were so cute and really funny, so I decide to go to Your YouTube and I see you did covers and you’ve done covers of my most favorite bands and I loved Your voice and I just was amazed by how good you are.  I went back to watching Jason and discovered the hOTTEST GUY ON EARTH I MEAN LIKE DAMN, *clears throat* excuse me, attractive guy who was really weird and funny. And I’m thinking , “omg. God. He’s just like me. With the random things and awkward laughing and bad jokes.” And I grew to watching you everyday. I began watching all 3 of you. It’s like y’all were the light of my life. And as I am watching y’alls videos, you all are just like me. *Sigh* everywhere I go I always am judged for being “different”. I have no friends. Which sometimes is a good thing but you don’t have anyone to talk to so you turn to music which speaks the things you can’t say. I have this dream where whenever I meet you guys We’ll become bestfriends and do covers and funny videos together. Even though that has a 0% chance of happening I can still dream. But I just wanted to let that out. Because if you guys are ever down, just know that you have helped people save themselves. Yes, at the end of the day, they did it themselves but you had a part in that. :)
This part goes out to Damon, because I know how insecure you are. Damon, since the day I started watching you I thought you we’re perfect. Not because of Your looks, but because of Your personality. I’ve never met, Well, found a person that is as weird as me. I didn’t care about Your looks, I cared about what you thought and said. And then you made the video about the truth and how you feel. I am going to list what you said and tell you Why you shouldn’t worry about those things.  You have really bad acne- babe, trust me, most people could care less. Everyone gets acne, some worse than others. Your face will, and always has been the cutest, most adorable thing ever.  Your teeth aren’t that white- awwww Damon, people don’t focus on teeth. Mine aren’t exactly the whitest either so It’s fine!  You’re worried to meet us because you’re scared we won’t like you anymore or judge you because of Your acne- haha babe I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be focusing on that in the first place. We are meeting our everything! We’re manly focused on not embarrassing ourselves in front of you. I more than likely will never meet you but if I ever did, I would be that girl who would cry and hug you for like 10 million hours tbh. And wouldn’t even know you had acne!  Damon we love you for you. Not what you look like. You are amazing and if I ever get the chance to meet you, I would more than likely hug you and point out the things I think are perfect about you. (Which is everything) I would probably even kiss Your cheek and be like “I love you Damon.” And you’d be creeped out but hey, did I point out anything wrong with you? No. So you have nothing to worry about. I know, everyone worries about what people think about them, but Damon, you’re an angel. :) so stop worrying. deefizzy pattywalters veeoneeye

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Ed x Cat